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10 Different Ways to Use an EAGL Gift Bag

EAGLgiftbag empowering women reuse

The purchase of an EAGL Gift Bag helps impoverished women to make an income while reducing paper waste throughout the environment. Our hand-made gift bags don’t have to be just for gift-giving. Our reusable bags are sold in several different sizes and patterns making it easy for you to use them in multiple different ways.

  • Regift
  • The gift bag can be re-used by your recipient, and then re-used by their recipient, and so on. Our bags are made for unlimited use so you can always continue the gift-giving process!

  • Clothing or Shoe Bag for Traveling
  • Going on a weekend getaway? Our bags are perfect for packing clothes when you travel. And even betteryou can use our gift bags to pack your shoes so they stay separate from the rest of your clothes, keeping them clean!

  • Bag for Kids Toys
  • Our bags can be used as an organizing tool for any kids toys lying around the house.

  • Laundry Bag
  • Our Super Gift Bags can even double as a stylish laundry bag.

  • Gym Bag
  • Need a bag for your exercise towel, water bottle, headphones, and change of clothes when you go to the gym? Use any medium gift bag to get the job done.

  • A Change Purse
  • Many people don’t like coins taking up all the space in their wallet so instead you can use one of our mini or small cloth bags to keep your change in and then transport to your nearest coin machine.

  • Makeup Bag
  • If you find your makeup is taking up too much space in your bathroom, our small gift bags are the perfect size to fit all of your eyeshadow palettes, makeup products, and even nail-polishes.

  • Bag for your Recyclables
  • Why not use a reusable bag when you bring your cans and bottles to your local recycling center? This is another great alternative to eliminating plastic trash bags from your life! Our sizes large or super would work well for this.

  • Jewelry Bag
  • The mini gift bags are great for carrying necklaces, earrings, rings, and even bracelets with you wherever you go so your jewelry stays untangled and easy to find in your purse.

  • Organizer for Everyday Items
  • Our cloth bags can be used to organize any items lying around the house that may be cluttering up your drawers or closet. Use our bags to organize your books, pencils, DVD’s, craft supplies, and more!

    Let us know your favorite way to use an EAGL Gift Bag by taking a photo and sharing it with us on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #EAGLgiftbag.

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