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6 Ways to Create an Eco-friendly Easter Basket

EAGLgiftbag Easter Eco-friendly

EAGL Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

Easter Sunday is just around the corner and one of the most popular Easter traditions is to create a basket filled with decorative grass, small gifts and tasty treats. Each Easter, we create baskets for our loved ones without considering the harmful effects it has on our environment. The cellophane shred “grass” that is most commonly used in Easter baskets cannot be recycled and the chocolate treats we buy are not fair-trade. This Easter, be friendly to the environment by creating an eco-friendly Easter basket in six simple steps.

  1. Rethink the basket: Opt for a pot instead of a plastic basket that you can hand-decorate and reuse, or try using a reusable gift bag.
  2. Use recycled paper grass:  Skip the plastic Easter grass that winds up on the floor, in the trash, and clogging our landfills. Stuff your reusable pot or basket with a large EAGL Gift Bag,  all-natural grass,  or grow your own grass.
  3. Decorate with reusable bows: Replace wrapping paper and ribbons with reusable gift bags and crocheted bows that you’ll be able to use again.
  4. Buy organic: Purchase fair-trade chocolate treats and gifts that give back such as seeds that your family can plant together this spring.
  5. Dye naturally: Use vinegar and foods with natural dyes such as blueberries, beets and raspberries to dye your Easter eggs naturally. This method is a great alternative to food coloring that is filled with chemicals and packaged in plastic bottles. Check out this easy all-natural egg dye recipe for more ideas! Natural Easter Eggs
  6. Buy Local: You can buy locally sourced eggs to dye from farmers in your area as opposed to the eggs you find at the grocery store.

Reduce your carbon footprint by following these easy tips to create a basket kids and adults will love. Show us the different ways you created eco-friendly Easter Baskets by posting a photo and using the hashtag #EAGLeaster. To get your reusable gift bags in time for the holiday, order by April 4th. Happy Easter! 


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