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The Balancing Act: Time Management Tips for Busy People

Balancing work, family & recreation can be a real juggle. Here are some tips that can help make it all work. 

Value Your Time 

  • Keep up with tasks: What you put off now, may be a bigger headache later.
  • Simplify. What can you eliminate that requires upkeep?
  • Clutter makes it hard to find things you need. Keep your environment as clutter free as possible.
  • Prioritize: Ask yourself “How important is this?” or “Is there a better use of my time?”
  • Keep a running list of errands and complete them when you are in the area instead of making individual trips.
  • Schedule recreation (re-creation) time. Rejuvenation is important to maintain vitality.
  • Hire help. Who can you hire to do some simple tasks? Do you know an older student that can run errands, shop, entertain the kids while you cook, etc?
  • Buy low maintenance clothes. 

Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix

Time Management Matrix

Effective Family Time

  • Have a regular routine throughout the day- even busy families can implement an end of day ritual. Children are more co-operative when they know what to expect.
  • Keep a large family calendar in a central location.
  • Hold short family meetings each week to discuss activities, schedules etc. 
  • Involve the children in everyday tasks. Have quality conversation while doing simple tasks together. Studies show that children that feel needed and necessary have higher self esteem.
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