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Inspire Others with EAGL Gift Bags

Our mission is to bring an opportunity to earn money to communities with limited resources. Currently, in Jamaica, our team of seamstresses have access to only one good warehouse, located a days trip from their town, and a small fabric store 40 minutes from home. In that warehouse, there are lots of choices, but the customer is limited to what they have on stock. The fabric availability changes weekly.


We choose material that is quality, festive and reasonably priced. We do our best to keep our prices reasonable for you. We look for what we can use for holidays, and also intentionally choose material that can be used for different occasions. Jessie, Collene, Nedra, Helena and Shanice are depending on sales of their gift bags to provide for their families. They live in Parottee, Jamaica, a rural community where resources and opportunities are limited.

These hard working ladies are working in minimal conditions and are doing work they are proud of. Its empowering them with independence and choices. Studies show that when women control the money a greater percentage goes toward family and community. I have seen this first hand.

Since we’ve been working together, I have seen them share equally with each other and share whatever good fortune comes their way with their community. I’m inspired by their care of one another. That’s why I’m working so hard for them. You can be equally as inspiring. Every gift bag you purchase and share, will inspire others.

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