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Capture The Moment They Unwrap Your Gifts

You spend so much time finding the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. And if you're like us, you love the moment they see the gift for the first time. Often, their face shows a genuine feeling of surprise, joy, or gratitude expressed in that quick but wonderful moment. The anticipation of opening a present is one of the reasons we choose to wrap gifts in the first place!

The ease of digital photos makes keeping visual memories a snap. Capture the moment the recipient sees your present for the first time. Try these helpful tips for taking great photos these holidays and throughout the year.

  1. Have your camera or cell phone handy. Be prepared for photo opportunities at any moment.
  2. Use natural light as often as possible. Not only will the photo have better quality, but a flash can startle the subject of your photo and disrupt the moment, especially with young children.
  3. Take time to frame your shot carefully, and take several shots of the same moment.
  4. Sit or lie on the floor if necessary to be on the right level for small children or pets.
  5. Get creative: an artistic shot of a baby’s small foot in grandpa’s hand, a close-up of an intense profile or a colorful dish makes for a more interesting story.
  6. Take a picture of the gift and the recipient to include with a thank you note.

So are you ready to capture the perfect moment? Share with us your photos and tag #EAGLmoments (especially if they are unwrapping an EAGL Gift Bag!) .

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