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Economic Advancement at the Grass-root Level

HEADQUARTERS / DISTRIBUTION CENTER: 445 Panorama Blvd.,Sedona, Arizona, USA


To bring economic opportunity to impoverished woman and children globally. EAGL gift bags offers a way for women to make income in areas where opportunities are limited. Studies show that when women have control of the money it directly benefits the children, family needs and that of the community.

Helping the environment by reducing paper waste that ends up in landfills. Every year, tons of paper waste, that cannot be recycled, accumulate in our landfills as pollution. Eagl gift bags are non-toxic and re-usable for many years

The way to self sufficiency begins with a Start-up Kit.

EAGL Resources

EAGL sets up opportunities for adult women to sew cloth gift bags. We provide a start up kit including sewing machine, supplies, and materials. EAGL purchases a start up quantity of gift bags and accessories to sell.  The start–up kit is a micro loan to the independent seamstress contractors.  Small monthly payments are made, based on local rates.  When the micro loan is paid, the women own their machines and supplies. We will purchase cloth gift bags initially to provide immediate assurance of income. As the contractors become more self-sufficient, EAGL will continue to sell the gift bags on the EAGL website.

We offer women the world.

Internet Access

EAGL provides online marketing and social media to sell the gift bags. We have built and maintain, this user friendly website that handles everything.  We make sure our festive bags, created by these women, are quickly shipped to you. EAGL’s gift to the success of these women is in providing a worldwide market so the sewing contractors can sell their wares. Many women have sewing and creative skills, but no way to widely market their wares. For many, unless a tourist is visiting their town, they have no customers. We are providing the access for customers as well as the logistics of distribution. This provides a bridge to income possibilities that otherwise would be out of reach for these women and families.

Why fabric gift bags?

Fabric Gift Bags

EAGL gift bags have multiple benefits. They are a perfect cottage industry. EAGL gift bags are a simple product that can be made by women with a variety of abilities and circumstances. People already spend billions of dollars on wrapping paper and ribbon. This is a product that is equally festive and you can feel good about it. These fabric bags enhance any gift since they are a gift in itself. Once un-wrapped, rather than get thrown away like paper, the gift bag can be re-used by your recipient, and their recipient and so on. You get to be a trendsetter!

You’re busier than ever. Who has the time for tape, paper and scissors? Once you buy our eco-friendly bags you can re-use them year after year. You’ll save valuable time and money. You’ll be helping the planet and families in need. Let EAGL do the multi tasking for you. What could be better than that?
Pop your gift in the bag, put one of our ribbons around it and you’re done. Simple!

We believe in a green planet.

Green Planet

Friends and family will be inspired to consider the environment and pass on the recycle message by re-using their EAGL gift bags.

Every year, tons of wrapping paper are used and discarded in landfills throughout the world. Even “reusable” paper bags require tissue paper that is tossed and the bags break down with a few uses. Our reusable bags are good for unlimited use. We hope that by providing these reasonably priced cloth gift bags, people will be inspired to replace paper with EAGL fabric bags for all their gift giving needs. Together, we can reduce paper waste significantly.

Do your own recycling and get creative. Use ornaments, your own ribbon, and old jewelry or mix and match accessories using what you already have on hand. Check out our Get Creative page for additional ideas.

We believe in woman.

Strong Women

We understand that women’s lives can be complex and we support those with children to take care of their needs and that of their families. This cottage industry provides the flexibility women need to make an income while supporting their families and their community. It’s a win, win for us all.

When one of us thrives, we all thrive. One Love!