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  1. What does EAGL stand for? Economic Advancement at a Grass-root Level
  2. What is EAGL’s Mission?  To bring economic opportunity to impoverished woman and children globally. EAGL gift bags offers a way for women to make income in areas where opportunities are limited. Studies show that when women have control of the money it directly benefits the children, family needs and that of the community.

    Helping the environment by reducing paper waste that ends up in landfills. Every year, tons of paper waste, that cannot be recycled, accumulate in our landfills as pollution. EAGL gift bags are non-toxic and re-usable for many years. Learn more.
  3. Is EAGL a not-for-profit company? EAGL is a charitable LLC. All profits above expenses go towards supporting our current seamstresses and towards expanding opportunities and micro-loans to other women in order to grow income possibilities.


  1. How are EAGL Gift Bags different from other reusable gift bags? Our gift bags support women and children globally who are struggling with economic opportunities to help create better lives.
  2. Is everything really handmade? In Jamaica, the fabric is purchased locally, then distributed amongst the seamstresses who work in simple circumstances to sew the 7 sizes of bags with sewing machines that are part of the micro-loan provided by EAGL.
  3. How do I clean my EAGL gift bags to reuse? Our fabric gift bags are machine washable.
  4. How do I know what size to buy for my gift? Specific sizes of each bag can be found in the "Details' tab for each product. Use the guide below for general suggestions for each bag size:

    Mini Gift Bags: Use for gift cards, small jewelry, mini perfume or any small odd shaped item.
    Small bags: Use for CD’s, DVD’s, card games, jewelry, mugs, gift cards.
    Medium bags: Use for books, games, frames, scarves and smaller clothing.
    Large bags: Use for clothing boxes, toys, sweaters, frames, small appliances and any odd shaped item.
    Extra Large bags: Use with larger boxes, toys, artwork, stuffed animals.
    Super Gift Bags: Use with larger appliances, toys, bulky and odd shaped items, etc. You can also use it to carry lot of smaller items- just like Santa's magical bag.


  1. Where do EAGL Gift Bags ship? EAGL will ship anywhere in the world that receives postage.
  2. How much will it cost to ship my order? Orders over $50.00 U.S. ship for free within the United States and Canada.


  1. How do I make an exchange or return? Simply return the product in its original state within 30 days. We will refund your money back to your credit card or PayPal. For exchanges, please email your request to
  2. How long will my exchange or return take? Most orders are fulfilled within 5 – 7 days.
  3. Where should I send a return or exchange? Please send returns or exchanges  to EAGL Gift Bags, 445 Panorama Blvd. Sedona, AZ 86336.  


    1. Can I buy your items and re-sell them in my store? Yes. Please contact us at for quantity and wholesale prices.