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The Jamaica Story

EAGL is really just a fledging. It's only a year old. While the vision and inspiration took years to sow its seed, in the spring of 2013 preparation met right timing and EAGL was born. We hope to grow our mission over time to help many communities of women that need a hand up. Our first team of seamstresses is from Jamaica.
These ladies live in or around Parottee in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. They are all at different stages of life but they have one thing in common. Their families depend on them. For instance, in Jamaica much of the burden of educational costs, including lengthy transportation, is put on the student’s family. All of the Jamaicans I met value education and sacrifice a lot to provide the best they can for their children. EAGL goes to Kingston to find the fabric they useOur team of seamstresses is enthusiastic about this opportunity to make income sewing from home. They really like making the earth-friendly gift bags and their pride shows in their work. Thank you Jessie, Nedra, Collene, Shanice, Helena and Joyce.

Our mission is to bring an opportunity to earn money to communities with limited resources. Currently, in Jamaica, our team of seamstresses have access to only one good warehouse, located a days trip from their town, and a small fabric store 40 minutes from home. In that warehouse, there are lots of choices, but the customer is limited to what they have on stock. The fabric availability changes weekly. We choose material that is quality, festive and reasonably priced. We do our best to keep our prices reasonable for you. We look for what we can use for holidays, and also intentionally choose material that can be used for different occasions.
It was Parker’s positive support that inspired the first trip to Jamaica. He opened his beautiful house in Black River, JA and introduced friends and connections that led to our current team. I consider Parker the “patron saint” of EAGL and am so grateful to him for all his support and more importantly, his friendship.

Parker collecting delicious mangos with friend, Oliver on Oliver’s Farm. Parker hired Oliver to help construct a mountain bike trail, hoping to boost income to the area by sponsoring international biking events.
EAGL could not be doing this work in Jamaica if it wasn’t for Joshua Ebanks. He works for Parker and watches out for everything connected to him. Another reason I am grateful to Parker. Every trip I’ve gone to JA for EAGL, Josh, has taken such good care of me. Driving, delivering, checking resources, playing and did I mention driving? Josh has gone out of his way with time and effort to support the EAGL project. He is a wonderful friend and I am so grateful to him.
Thank you, Josh.

Meet Jesse, Our Seamstress Manager

Joyce's Story

Already a busy woman in her community (and she’s supposed to be retired!) Mrs. Joyce Brown, in Parottee, has donated a lot of time and effort in support of EAGL gift bags. Mrs. Brown saw the vision of EAGL gift bags right away. As president of the Parottee Citizen’s Association, she knew many ladies that would benefit from this cottage industry. When Introducing Christine and EAGL gift bags she would say, “We are going to soar with EAGL”. Her care for her community. She helps our Jamaican team with all her heart. She isn’t taking any salary until EAGL is soaring. Joyce counts and examines finished bags, pays the seamstresses, lugs the bags to the airport, mails them to us, and so much more. Thank you so much, Joyce. We couldn’t do this without you.

The people of Parottee used to rely a lot on fishing from small boats on the ocean. Now, much of the fish stock is depleted and the community is feeling the effects. Lack of fish and limited options for income make for a struggling community. Already our ladies in JA are feeling financial relief and they are creating a trickle down effect by spending money locally and helping their neighbors.

“You (EAGL) are such a blessing to this community. So many here are being helped by the income the ladies are making.” –Mrs. Joyce Brown

Helena’s story

Helena and her husband, Clifton, used to run a small neighborhood store in Parottee. It helped support them for many years. Unfortunately, their local community, dealing with less income, was unable to continue to support Helena’s business. Their store closed and they were left struggling for income themselves. On top of that, Helena is battling diabetes. Now, she has her sewing center set up in her home and even gets Clifton to help now and then. Helena is enthusiastic about this new opportunity with EAGL. She is eager to utilize her local resources for materials, spreading the finances into her community. Helena has more hope, now, for her future and that of her family. And we are grateful for her enthusiasm and attention to detail. Thank you, Helena.